Natural Turf Renovation and Construction

Natural Turf Construction & Renovation


Playing fields will have to be renovated occasionally due to over-use, play in non-ideal conditions, or to correct poor turf quality, construction issues,drainage issues,etc. Precision Turf has the staff and the equipment needed to make your athletic field renovation or construction a success. Our natural turf is made for the wear and tear of each game. We can address your particular issue by matching your needs with the correct turf variety and the correct method of establishment. We can handle any athletic turf renovation from a few square feet to several acres with the use of equipment, such as the KORO Topmaker, which has pioneered the process of how turf renovations Natural Turf Constructionare performed. The Topmaker removes the damaged turf which is loaded onto high flotation dump trailers and transported off of the playing surface without any material hitting the ground. Our efficient and revolutionary method of turf removal, laser grading, and turf installation utilizes specialized equipment to perform every step of your renovation. A baseball or softball infield is the most intricate part of the playing field and a critical factor that can affect the outcome of a game. The importance of this fact is evident when you realize that 90% of the game is played on the infield. Annual turf maintenance is a must to keep the infield safe and playable. Precision Turfs total understanding of an infield allows us to provide a playing surface with excellent drainage that stays consistent from the first inning to the last. We achieve this by using the proper materials and creating a specific grade for each infield. Our delivery of a quality playing surface is achieved through the use of precision laser grading and specialized equipment such as the Blecavator. The Blecavator uses reverse tine tilling that will blend, screen, and incorporate soil to prepare for laser grading. The results will be a smooth and safe playing surface that will be the envy of your competition and the pride of you and your team.


The components of a quality athletic playing field are functionality, durability, safety and aesthetics. As expert turf suppliers, we understand that in order to achieve these characteristics, careful planning and execution must be taken at every step in order to meet the desired project objectives. We use a TEAM approach and work closely with the client in order to develop a relationship so that the design of the field matches the level of play and desired budget. We analyze every detail in the development, design and execution of a project. We evaluate and select the highest quality products and then implement them in an efficient and precise plan. Our natural turf is the best in sports and is perfect for new playing field construction or athletic field renovation. Throughout the project we use the highest standards of quality control in the production and installation of soil profiles,drainage, irrigation systems and turf establishment. We execute the construction process through the use of the most advanced sports field equipment available on the market. All of our equipment is outfitted with either high flotation tires or tracks in order to provide minimal disturbance and the lowest possible ground pressure. Grading is performed by the use of fully automated, hydraulically actuated, laser guided equipment so that we can deliver a playing field within the tightest tolerances. Whether the field consists of native soil or a complex sand-based profile we have the expertise and equipment to be your Sports Field Solution. With athletic field management from Precision Turf, your playing field will have the superior look and feel that your team deserves.


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We are Proud Active Members of the Sports Turf Managers Association, The Georgia Turfgrass Association, The American Sports Builder Association and the chapters of Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina Sports Turf Managers Association. We use only the best natural turf for your athletic field renovation and construction. We will leave you with a playing field that sets the golden standard for sports fields. Precision Turf, the name to trust in Turf Suppliers.


Natural Turf Renovation


Turf Construction and Renovation


Natural Turf

Natural Turf


& Renovation

The components of a quality athletic playing field are functionality, durability, safety and aesthetics. (more)

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