Turf Maintenance

Natural Turf Maintenance



The benefits of this process include better air exchange, increased infiltration, stimulated root growth, and thatch control. Our PTO driven implements ensure that we achieve a penetration of up to 4" for our Aercore unit and up to 16" with our Soil Reliever Deep-tine unit. These units allow for customized hole spacing, size, and depth. This process is key to natural turf maintenance.

Chemical Application

Safety is the number one concern for Precision Turf, LLC when applying pesticides and herbicides. Our applications are monitored by a state-of-the-art calibrated computer system. This assures our operators and the customer that the correct amount of product is being used.


Core Harvesting

This turf collection attachment allows for the pick-up of debris such as aeration cores, clippings, leaves, or thatch. A single operator is able to collect the desired material and dump the debris off of the playing field. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with proper playing field maintenance.


Our fertilization program is tailored to the needs of each playing surface. Soil tests enable us to monitor the nutrient level of the soil to ensure that turf grass growth is optimal. Our methods of application are achieved through spray and granular techniques that maximize uniform distribution.


Our overseeding techniques utilize machines that assure uniform distribution and maximize seed to soil contact. This results in afield with improved appearance and playability during periods when the Bermuda grass is dormant.

Reel Mowing

Our mowing practices provide a dense, fast playing surface that produces a turf that is both wear-tolerant and resilient. Our mowing unit minimizes ground pressure by using high flotation turf tires and produces the highest quality cut. We use top quality equipment to ensure your natural turf maintenance receives the proper treatment it needs.

Top Dressing

This process of applying a thin layer of material to turf is executed through the use of both band and spinner type units. This allows us a choice of application methods so we may apply material more precisely. This important practice aids in thatch control, smooths a playing surface, promotes turf recovery, and aids in changing the characteristics of soil.


Playing Field Turf


We are Proud Active Members of the Sports Turf Managers Association, The Georgia Turfgrass Association, The American Sports Builder Association and the chapters of Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina Sports Turf Managers Association. Precision Turf is dedicated to providing you with the best in natural turf maintenance and athletic field management. We can handle all of your playing field needs.


Natural Turf Maintenance


Natural Turf

Natural Turf


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